Making complex recipes surprisingly simple

Making complex recipes surprisingly simple

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

You are probably wondering what Friday favorites means. I am going to take this very ambiguously and talk about all of my favorites, the favorite part of my week, my 5 favorites in certain areas such as songs, skincare products, and other teen bloggers. I will also my favorite questions that I receive from you through out the week, so make sure to comment a question you want me to answer next week!

Every Friday, (Probably almost every Friday, I’m so sorry if I forget a week or two. ) I want to connect with you. I am going to talk about what’s inspiring me, some of my favorite things and answer some of your questions.

There are no words to describe how happy I am that spring is finally here! In Minnesota, winter is definitely the longest season and it’s super cold so I love soaking up in the sunshine while I have the opportunity!

5 Favorite Songs

The coming of spring calls for some music. You can check out my Spotify playlists here.

The top 5 songs I have been enjoying this week include,

  1. Me! by Taylor Swift and Brandon Urie (Panic at the Disco)
  2. I don’t care by Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber (It came out today and I love it! Probs because I love both of them.)
  3. Sucker by the Jonas Brothers
  4. Who you say I am by Hillsong Worship
  5. Use Somebody (cover) by Shawn Mendes. (This song is originally sung by King of Leon.)

5 Favorite Instagram Accounts

5 instagram accounts I am lovin’ this week include:

Foodtography School: @foodtographyschool this Instagram account is run by Sarah Fennel of Broma Bakery. Not only is it packed with awesome food photography, but it also has a rainbow feed layout! (it’s so satisfying.) I eventually want to have a rainbow layout similar to this one but first I need enough content to have it actually work.

The Bite Shot: @thebiteshot Joanie Simons is a really good food photographer, and she has an awesome Instagram as well as a youtube channel that teaches food photography. Whenever I have a question about something related to food photography I always pop over to her youtube and Instagram accounts.

Taylor Swift: @taylorswift I know she is one of the most followed people on Instagram but, her pastel theme is so aesthetic and her new song Me! is totally awesome even though the whole “sPeLLiNg iS fUn!” lyric is a bit cheesy.

Sadie Robertson: @legitsadierob Not only is her Instagram full of adorable photos, but she gets real in a lot of her captions and isn’t afraid to talk about Jesus.

Emma Duckworth: @emmaduckworthbakes Her Instagram is amazing and full of great food pictures but my favorite part of her Instagram is her stories where she analyses photos and their composition. Also she just hit 10K!! Hooray!!

Five Favorite 2019 Trends: (so far)

Scrunchies!!!! I absolutely love that scrunchies are back in style. (Not that they were ever in style while I have been alive. The ’90s were before my time.) But seriously, they are so fun and playful. I am totally guilty of using them 99% percent of the time I do my hair.

Color! There has been a resurge of color in the fashion industry. I am totally for this since last summers trend of neutral colors, it seemed like everyone only wore blacks, whites, greys, browns, tans, etc. with only a hint of color, but not this year! Yellow is particularly trendy right now, which makes me happy because I love yellow because it reminds me of sunshine!

Avocado Toast. Avocados are one of my favorite foods so naturally the idea of spreading guac on anything sounds good. Although I am not a millennial who posts hundreds of pictures of avocado toast, I think it tastes awesome and is a great food trend.

Kombucha, (recipe probably coming soon!) is good for your internal health and full of probiotics. Thankfully, kombucha, unlike many other health drinks, is enjoyable to drink. Also there are so many flavors that you can infuse it!

Eco-Friendly Products. I a proud supporter of products that are more eco-friendly. The body and facial wash I use is packaged in a 100% recyclable container, and the soap is completely biodegradable. And am so glad that stores and corporations, especially Aldi, are taking initiative to reduce waste! Not only are canvas and cotton reusable bags becoming more and more popular but I also love the push to reduce food waste, plastic waste, and industrial waste.

FAQ from Instagram

This week I asked my instagram followers to ask me some questions, although if you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw the questions and answers, I will also be answering them here if you have not had the opportunity to follow me on Instagram yet.

Where do you see yourself in ten years? I hope to be a practicing nurse in either the obstetrics or psychiatry department while doing some baking and blogging on the side. I would absolutely love to be living in NYC or LA but we will see what happens, ten years is a long time and God could have other plans that I don’t know yet.

What is your favorite thing to bake? I love baking just about everything (except fried donuts, but that’s another story.) But laminated pastries are probably close to the top of the list because they are so satisfying to finish and say “I made this!”

What is your favorite dessert? My favorite dessert to eat is hands down any type of ice cream including gelato, sorbet, parfait, soft-serve, rolled ice cream and anything else in ice cream form. But my favorite flavor is black sesame. (it’s weird but it tastes amazing.)

Have a topic you would like me to tell you my favorites in or a question you would like me to answer? Leave a comment below or contact me here.

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