Making complex recipes surprisingly simple

Making complex recipes surprisingly simple

10 things that only the best babysitters do

10 things that only the best babysitters do

We have probably all had a babysitter that was simply the best. But what made them the best? What made them stand out above all the others? While some of the things that only the best babysitters do are super obvious, some are only seen by the parents. So here is my list of things that will make you stand out above all of the other babysitters.

Be on time. Nobody likes to wait for a babysitter especially when they have somewhere they need to be. First impressions definately matter and the start of a good impression is ariving at the designated time.

Bring toys/books from your house. I don’t know why, but little kids love, love, LOVE, toys and books from other peoples houses. I thing that this is mainly because you brought something new and exciting that they have not seen before. Even if it isnt that fun of a thing or that great of a book, they get excited everytime because they know that you brought a suprise to play with while you are there.

Clean up after yourself and make sure that the house is clean after the kids go to bed. Some babysitters are complete slobs. They don’t even put away the milk after they make dinner. Try to make sure that the house is tidy, (dishes done, floor swept, toys picked up, etc.) before the parents get home. Not only does this heighten your chances of being hired again, but also can help you get a raise.

Play with the kids your babysitting. Seriously! So many babysitters don’t play and engage with the kids that they are watching. Play house with them, and run around. Be fun. Kids usually are better behaved when they are having fun.

Play outside. Many kids love playing outside and it is a great way to get out all of their energy which makes bed time less of a hassle.

Go above and beyond the parents expectations. If they expect you to clean up the living room, clean it up and vacuum. Expect you to wash the dishes? Clean off the counter too. People love hard workers and you need to exhibit that character to the families that you work for.

Tell bedtime stories that you make up on the spot. Kids love absurd stories that you make up on the spot. They don’t even need to be good. Let them help you come up with the story. It could go something like this: Once upon their was a _________ named ___________. They love having an imput and directing where the story goes.

Respond in a timely manner. A lot of babysitting jobs are last minute and people are desperate to find a babysitter. Make sure to respond to them as soon as you possible.

Avoid screen time at all costs. Parents are often frustrated when babysitters use digital entertainment, and to be honest I probably would be too. As a babysitter, it is your job to watch them not a screen. This gives you a better reputation, and is also helpful in obtaining a raise.

Stick to the rules and don’t budge. Even if you don’t know all the rules, use the phrase, “Your parents trust me to make decisions right now. I will ask them about it when they get home.” Then do whatever you think that they would do to handle the situation.

Pack your own meals. Not only does this save the people you are babysitting for the hastle of making sure that they have enough food to feed you. It also gives you an excuse if the food that they are serving isn’t that great, and saves you from eating olive pizza and cabbage lasagna.

Are their any babysitting tips that you think are missing? Let me know in the comments!

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