Making complex recipes surprisingly simple

Making complex recipes surprisingly simple

My Natural Skin Care Routine

My Natural Skin Care Routine

I don’t know about you but I prefer putting things on my face that are not full of chemicals. Although I am not against using products that contain chemicals to treat acne, and clear up my skin, I have found that a lot of skincare products, even some natural ones, can cause me to flair up. This is why I decided to share my favorite skin care products with you all today!

Because my skin doesn’t like anything that contains Benesoyal Poroxide, Salicylic acid, Theives, Lavender, Peppermint, etc. I have had to experiment with what skin care products work for super sensative skin and which ones don’t. Thankfully I have landed on a few that are awesome and I love to use on a regular basis. The best part is, none of these break the bank.

As someone with sensitive skin, I thought that natural products cost more than non-natural products. But boy I was wrong. Many natural products actually are cheaper than regular products that people use. Also natural skin care products are better for you and the earth because they don’t contain chemicals and are usually biodegradable.

My skin falls into the normal to dry spectrum and is particularly sensitive. What I use on my skin may not work for your skin. All of our skin can react differently to the same products.

The Only 3 Natural Skin Care Products You Need:

Castile Soap:

Not only do I use this to wash my face, I also use it to wash my body as well as my hair when it only needs a quick wash. It is pretty potent so you only need a teansy-tiny little bit. (I use less than a teaspoon to wash my hair. ) But because it is a little bit more concentrated, it lasts a lot longer. I it took me almost a year to get through one bottle. Currently I am using Dr. Jacobs Almond Honey Castile Soap, but I also like using Dr. Bronners Castile Soap. I love that castile soap is really gentle on my skin. I also love that it is biodegradable. (gotta give a little love to the planet.)

Witch Hazel:

I love using witch hazel as a toner for my skin, because it is super gentle but rejuvinates and makes my skin healthier and gives it more elasticisty. One of the things that is VERY important when buying/looking for a good witch hazel toner is making sure it doesnt have any alcohol. Alcohol can cause your skin to dry out, and can cause those with sensative skin to break out. I have been using Thayer’s Alcohol Free Witch Hazel for a little over 6 months and it is my favorite witch hazel I have tried so far.

Vitamin E Oil:

Vitamin E Oil is incredibly beneficial for your skin, helping to reduce scarring and redness while increasing elasticity and moisturising your skin making it one of my favorite natural skin care products. You only need three to five drops to moisturize your face so make sure not use too much. If you use too much then it can cause your pores to clog up which results in that beloved thing we call acne.

Besided moisturizing another thing that I use vitamin e oil for is removing my makeup. Although I am happy to use makeup remover, vitamin e oil is a more natural option and works just as well. All you need to do is squirt a few drops of oil onto a cotton ball or cloth and wipe off your makeup. Vitamin e oil can take off waterproof makeup as well.

Vitamin e oil also does a great job helping remove scars. Some of my acne scars have faded and others have completely dissapeared. In March, I burnt my wrist with some hot oil. Long story short I was making donuts and tripped over my dog because I was not paying attention because I was dancing and singing some JB. Vitamin E Oil has significantly helped with the scaring and the only areas that still have visible scaring were second and possibly third degree burn. From expericence, I have come to love and trust vitamin e oil to keep my skin healthy and help reduce scarring.

My Skin Care Routine:

In the morning I start by using an ice cube to bring down the swelling on any acne I have. (If you don’t have acne you can skip this step.)

Next I wash my face gently with Castile soap. You only need a few drops. And then I make sure to pat my face dry with a towel.

The next thing I do is apply the witch hazel with a soft wash cloth or a cotton ball. I let the witch hazel dry onto my face before I use the vitamin e oil. It only takes about a minute. Then I rub 3-5 drops of the vitamin e oil into my skin. I usually wait 10-15 minutes between applying vitamin e oil and doing my makeup. (I use the time in-between doing finishing washing my face and applying my makeup to eat breakfast.)

At night, the first thing I do is remove my makeup. I usually use vitamin oil to do this. Then I wash my face with Castile soap. Tone with the witch hazel and then apply vitamin e oil to my face to moisturize. (again you only need a few drops.)

If you want to divide these into three easy steps, it could be simplified to; 1. wash your face with Castile soap; 2. Apply witch hazel as a toner; and 3. Rub three to five drops of vitamin e oil into your skin.

I try to do a facial mask every 2 weeks or so. But of anything in my natural skin care routine, this is the thing that I skip the most. The most important part of a skincare routine is making sure that you wash your face on a regular basis and moisturize when it’s needed.

Drink Water:

You have probably seen all of the people that say “just drink water and your skin will be perfectly clear and healthy. While that isn’t completely true, drinking lots of water helps with your overall health and helps flush toxins from your body. These toxins can cause your skin to flair up and break out so having a healthy water-filled lifestyle definitely helps keep your skin clear.

Embrace your skin:

Everyone’s skin is different, and your skin can vary through out the month depending on your hormone levels. It’s okay to have break outs sometimes, it’s even okay to expect them. Our hormones can play a large part in how much acne we have and usually they are out of our control. So don’t compare your skin to another persons.We all have different types of skin (oily, dry, itchy, sensative, etc.) Everyone’s skin reacts differently to different things such as hormones, stress, and even skin care products.

While maintaining a skincare routine can help keep your skin clear and healthy, don’t expect perfection. While the health of your skin will definately improve from a consistant skin care routine it may not be perfectly clear all the time and that’s okay.

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