Making complex recipes surprisingly simple

Making complex recipes surprisingly simple

What’s in My Back To School Bag

What’s in My Back To School Bag

You might think that it’s funny that I’m posting a what’s in my back to school bag even though I’m homeschooled. A common myth about home education is that we do all of our school at home. (That’s a lie by the way.)

Often I end up doing school at a friends house, at a public place, or even in the car. In fact next year I will be doing PSEO (college in high school) at the local college so I need to be prepared on how to pack a backpack, and how much stuff to bring.

I usually use my gigantic purse as my backpack because, you guys, it is freaking huge! (Also I have been struggling to find a backpack that I can fit my laptop in because my laptop is an older Mac Book Pro that is just a little bigger than the average sized backpack. ) Today I will be showing you what I put in my back to school bag!

On a side note, some of y’all might be wondering what subjects I am taking in school this year so here’s the complete list: Bible, Chemistry, Geometry, World History, Advanced HS Composition, Grammar, Geography, Marketing, and Economics.

Let’s get to the good stuff.

Pens, Pencils, and Highlighters:

Even though this is a little obvious, making sure that you have the proper writing utinsils is super important. As I get further and further along in highschool, I have come to realize how many notes I end up writing. Also, I love taking notes and usually end up taking far more than I need for a class/subject.

Phone Charger:

Sometime’s your phone just dies. When I am out in public by myself, I like to have a form of communication on me. Phone batteries can be unpredictable so I carry a charger.

Lip Balm or Chapstick:

In Minnesota it get’s really cold. When it is super cold it can cause your skin to get really dry. Chapped lips are a common problem so I bring chapstick everywhere.

Feminine Supplies:

Not to be annoying, but making sure that you carry what you might need is important. Don’t forget to bring some ibprofen too.

Healthy Snacks:

When I go somewhere I always try to bring a healthy snack instead of something unhealthy. I usually like to bring fruits, vegetables, trail mix, homemade granola and yogurt, or some sort of salad. If I am going somewhere over a lunch hour I try and make sure that I meal prep something that is nutritious. As a dessert blogger I have to balance out all of those desserts that I end up making and eating.

A Water Bottle

Bringing a water bottle where ever you go is a good option. When I carry my water bottle with me, (it’s a half gallon insulated water bottle, lol.) I have found that I drink a lot more water than if I didn’t have a water bottle on me. It is also eco-friendly to use your own water bottle instead of using a disposable cup or using bottled water. While the influence of recycling on the ecosystems of the earth may be debatable, reducing plastic waste is not.

A Ruler

Little confession here, I really like to have nice looking notes. Having a ruler for making little lines and boxes for little notes is super handy. I also use a ruler to make all of the lines that I make with a highlighter incredibly straight, no wiggles or smudges.

Textbooks and Notebooks

Obviously you should bring the material with you that you need for each subject that you have that day. I personally will use a ton of notebooks. (again I have an unhealthy obsession with notes.) I try and make sure that I bring all of the notebooks that I need for each day without bringing any extras for subjects that I don’t need that day.

Laptop and Charger

When I go anywhere and bring my laptop, I have to make sure that I grab my charger too. Laptop batteries can be a bit unpredictable (especially if they are a pretty old model.) and it is very sad when your laptop dies while you are working on an unsaved paper.

Hand Sanitizer

There are a lot of germs in most public places and let’s be honest who hasn’t touched something gross in a science class. (Hello, high school biology- we are talking about you.)

Hair Ties or Scrunchies

We have all been in that situation where we have needed to put our hair back but didn’t bring anything put it back with. By making sure that you keep a few scrunchies in your bag, you are always prepared for a bad hair day.

What else do you put in your back to school bag? Let me know in the comments!

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